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Towards Britchcombe Farm- SOLD. See 'Gallery' below for more examples.

Britain has a dramatic and varied geography from tip to toe. The island's rural landscape changes constantly with the extremes of weather and prevailing seasons. Humans and animals both past and present have left their mark. To depict the vitality of this landscape, as the light travels through the day and the season's progress, is always an energetic challenge.
















A Selection of Landscape Paintings

(click on image to enlarge and view prices)



View down into the Vale,

Acrylic on Board
63.7 x 64.3cm

Barn on the Hoziron, Dusk
26.8 x 35.5cm

Southwards, into the Downs, Uffington
Acrylic on Board
26.5 x 52.7 cm


Barley Fields down in to the Vale,

Acrylic on Board
69cm x 63.7cm

Barley Fields Study I,

Acrylic on Board
23.5 x 27cm

Barley Fields Study II,

Acrylic on Board
23.5 x 16.3cm


The Ridgeway Path.
Acrylic on Board
28 x 30.8cm

Study for The Oxford Cut
Acrylic on Board
26.3 x 25.7cm

The West Horizon, Dusk, White Horse Hill
Acrylic on Board

23 x 54 cm

Horizon Study
Acrylic on Board
13.5cm x 25cm

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