Ordering Terms and Conditions
   Many people are still concerned about transactions over the internet so before making your order you may wish to know a little more. The most important facts are:
  • Katrina will email you to confirm she has received the order and will give an estimate of the dispatch date. In the unlikely event of the estimate being over 3 weeks she will offer you the chance to cancel.

  • In any case, she will not take anything from your credit card until the order is ready for dispatch.

  • Delivery costs are from 10.00 to a UK mainland address. Customers from outside of the UK should email or telephone for an estimate of shipping costs.

    If you do not not wish to commit your credit card details to the internet you can still continue and fill in the rest of the form, noting in the comments that you will be calling and then ring to confirm with your credit card details.

    Alternatively you are always welcome to e-mail your order and telephone to give your credit card details.

    The key points are also on the order form.

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